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At Flavorbean Coffee Company, coffee is one of our favorite things in the whole world, and if you have ever tasted this delicious beverage, you can understand why. While most people know that coffee is tasty and it gives you energy, many do not know much about it beyond that. In this blog, we will go over some fun coffee facts to help you get excited for your morning cup of joe!

Coffee is a fruit!

The coffee “bean” is not a bean at all! Actually, they are the pits of a berry that are comparable to cherries and grow on bushes. Though it is the seed of this fruit, we call it a bean because that is just simply what it looks like.

...and was originally eaten, not drunk!

Originally, coffee berries were made into these little balls to eat by mixing them with fat. There was also a wine that was made from coffee berry pulp.

After oil, coffee is the most traded commodity in the world.

There are roughly 25 million farmers across 50 countries who produce coffee, making these powerful little beans second only to oil as the most traded commodity.

The only U.S. state that grows coffee is Hawaii.

Known as kona coffee, Hawaiian coffee is the only coffee produced in the United States. This is because of the location; coffee is best grown along the equator, making Hawaii an optimal place to grow it.

There have been attempts to ban coffee five different times.

It sounds like a nightmare, but it’s true; throughout history, there have been five separate attempts to ban coffee. In 1511, Mecca banned coffee due to their belief that is stimulated “radical thinking.” Additionally, Italian clergymen around this time also tried to ban coffee because they believed it was associated with the devil. This ban was lifted in 1600 by Pope Clement V11, who adored coffee and therefore, baptized it to get rid of its satanic properties. Then, in 1623, Murad IV ascended the Ottoman throne and banned coffee again, punishing those who drank it with beatings.

Later, in 1746 in Sweden, it was illegal to even own coffee cups or other paraphernalia associated with coffee. Finally, in 1777, Prussian king Frederick the Great declared beer superior to coffee in an attempt to prevent coffee from interfering with the production of beer. Fortunately, these attempts did not stand the test of time, and everyone can enjoy coffee now, free of fear.

The biggest cup of coffee was brewed in South Korea in 2014.

This gargantuan coffee was more than 3,700 gallons. In 2010, Las Vegas brewed the largest ice coffee, which was 1,500 gallons (without ice).

In our next blog, we will continue to go over our favorite fun coffee facts. Looking for organic, fair trade coffee beans? At Flavorbean, we offer a selection of coffees of different flavors that you can enjoy without worrying about where they came from. You can trust that our organic coffee is both ethical and good for you. Shop Flavorbean Coffee Company today!