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At Flavorbean Coffee Company, we believe that coffee is the most delicious substance in the world, and we’re sure that you agree! This delectable beverage is the way that millions (or even billions) of people start their day, but many people are not aware that there is more to coffee than meets the eye. There is actually way more to coffee than its delicious taste, health benefits, and energizing properties. In our previous blog, we started to go over some fun coffee facts you may enjoy. In this blog, we will continue our list.

You don’t even need to drink coffee for it to wake you up… just smell it!

One study found that even just smelling the aroma of coffee changes the activity of certain genes in the brain, which reduces the effects of sleep deprivation. However, for best results, you should drink your coffee; it only takes about ten minutes for caffeine to reach your bloodstream!

The United States is the leading consumer of coffee.

Americans drink 400 million cups of coffee every day, or 146 billion cups a year.

The first name for coffee means “wine.”

When coffee was first invented, it was called “gahwah,” which was derived from the Yemen word for wine. Then in Turkey, it was called “kahveh,” until the beverage finally made it to the Netherlands, where it was called “koffie.” This is where the English word “coffee” comes from.

Coffee may lower your risk of Alzheimer's disease.

You may know that coffee is healthy for you, but did you know that it may actually lower your risk of Alzheimer’s disease? There is also research that shows that coffee may also lower the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and Parkinson’s disease. Additionally, studies show that coffee could protect women against skin cancer.

The majority of adult Americans consume caffeine on a daily basis.

According to the FDA, 80 percent of adults in the U.S. consume caffeine every day. The average amount of caffeine consumed by one person is 200 milligrams, which equates to about ten-ounces of coffee.

Contrary to popular belief, dark roasts have less caffeine than lighter roasts.

Though dark roast coffees have a stronger flavor, lighter roasts actually have more caffeine because the roasting process burns out some of the caffeine. So when you are feeling extra sleepy, it is best to reach for a blonde roast over a French roast.

Decaf coffee is not actually caffeine-free.

Decaf coffee contains much less caffeine than regular coffee, but is not completely free of caffeine. One cup of decaf actually has anywhere from two to 12 milligrams of caffeine. In comparison, a cup of regular coffee has from 95 to 200 milligrams.

At Flavorbean Coffee Company, we offer all-natural coffee in a variety of flavors and roasts for you to enjoy, whether you drink coffee first thing in the morning or enjoy sipping it after dinner as a treat. When you are looking for fair trade, organic, natural coffee, shop here!