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Coffee is a big part of everyone’s day. For many people, they start off their early morning routine with a big cup of their favorite flavored coffee beans. This is actually a good thing because, for many individuals, coffee is the single largest source of antioxidants in their diet, outranking both vegetables and fruits. So, if you’re someone who drinks plenty of coffee, here are some ways to help you take your coffee consumption routine to a super healthy routine.

#1 Don’t drink coffee after 2 PM.

You may have your mid-afternoon lulls, but don’t go for the coffee. We enjoy coffee because it gives us plenty of energy to stay awake when we feel tired, but drinking too much coffee too late in the day can actually interfere with sleep. And, poor sleep will only lead to many other health problems that can be avoided altogether.

#2 Stop loading your coffee with sugar.

Sugar does the body no good. Believe it or not, it’s quite easy to turn your coffee into a drink that’s not suitable for consumption; that involves adding too much sugar and sugar-packed creamer. The best way to sweeten your coffee healthily is to reach for Stevia, or you can choose to go a different route and purchase flavored coffee beans to get a bit of flavor in your black coffee.

#3 Choose organic coffee beans from a quality brand.

Yes, the brand quality and type of coffee matters. Organic, fair-trade coffee may be hard to find, but that’s why Flavorbean Coffee Co. is here. We offer consumers the high-quality, fair-trade, organic coffee you want at a price that’s right. If you choose to forego the natural and organic coffee available to you, you could end up ingesting coffee that’s been sprayed with herbicides, pesticides and various toxins that were never intended for human consumption. This is the main reason we highly recommend you choose to drink organic coffee as often as possible.

#4 Stay away from artificial sweeteners.

It may be easy for you to reach for the zero calorie sweetener, but stay away from it. Multiple studies completed show that there are many health problems that can develop from using artificial sweeteners; plus, these types of sweeteners trick your brain into thinking the fake stuff is the real stuff. For this reason alone, we recommend you stay away from the artificial sweeteners when possible. As an alternative, we suggest a natural sweetener, such as Stevia. However, there are other ways you can enjoy a great tasting coffee, and that’s through purchasing flavored coffee beans.

#5 Add spices and herbs to your coffee.

Add spices and herbs to your coffee to give it a bolder taste. Spices and herbs, including nutmeg, hazelnut and cinnamon are all welcome to make your coffee taste as perfect as you want. Plus, did you know that cinnamon has been studied and has those studies have revealed that cinnamon can lower cholesterol, blood glucose levels and triglycerides in those who have diabetes? So, if you need a hint of flavor on top of flavor, reach for some cinnamon!

Shop online today with Flavorbean Coffee Co. to shop for your favorite flavored coffee beans. We have a variety for you to choose between. Contact us if you have any questions and be sure to check out all of our organic options. Some popular choices include, Chocolate, Caramel, Hawaiian Hazelnut, Almond Love, Cinnamon Hazelnut Creme, Coconut, French Vanilla, Vanilla Macadamia Nut and Amaretto.