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Coffee: It could be considered a delicacy all around the world.
Why? It gives us the boost we need to go about our day with a little extra pep in our steps? Right?

Coffee, whether you drink it normally or only on days when you’re the early bird at work, seems to have an unbreakable bond between work and drinking the rich, dark, ground goodness. In fact, it’s completely possible that java fuels you at work by keeping you connected, revved up and toiling away at all of your tasks.

With that being said, here’s everything you need to know about consuming coffee during work, but were either too under- or over-caffeinated to ask:

#1 Surprise! Coffee Keeps You Up And Energized

Caffeine may be the most commonly consumed psychoactive drug in the United States, in the world even. It’s simple: It’s a stimulant that blocks adenosine receptors in the brain. What does this mean exactly?

It lets the neurotransmitters, such as dopamine and epinephrine that are associated with alertness, let you run wild, per say.

Studies have shown that ingesting caffeine not only helps workers perform better on almost any task, but especially during hours of when caffeine users are ingesting it when their circadian clock says they should be sleeping. One study completed by a group of researchers released the profound information that coffee is definitely effective in counteracting any of the “sleepy effect” workers feels during the night-shift. In comparison to decaffeinated colleagues, workers who were caffeinated made fewer errors.

#2 Coffee can ease the pain of working at a desk.

We know what you’re thinking; “there’s no way this is possible!” But, we beg to differ. Studies show that consuming caffeine has been connected to ease the pain in the neck, wrists, forearms and shoulders that are often experienced by individuals who work at a desk all day. Have you ever wondered why computer programmers are so wild? Now you know! Not only are they most-likely pain-free, but they’re up and at ‘em!

#3 Coffee is a great social lubricant.

Apparently, employees who take coffee breaks together end up being more productive as a whole, at least that’s what the researchers from MIT say. This study tracked how employees in a call center took their breaks. It showed that workers who took them at the same time and enjoyed a bit a coffee, enjoyed improved performance. Enjoy a little bit of conversation over a cup o’ Joe to improve your team’s productivity.

#4 Coffee shops are a great place to get tasks done, even without the caffeine.

Huh? Yea, we thought the same thing until we looked at a study published in the Journal of Consumer Research stated the effects noise has on creativity. In fact, it showed that when there are low to moderate levels of ambient sound, like the sound you’d hear at a local coffee shop, creativity improves. If you want to enjoy the taste of your favorite brewed natural coffee without leaving the comfort of your home or desk at work, check out Coffitivity. It’s a coffee shop noise simulator.

#5 Drinking coffee around 2 p.m. is advantageous!

OK, so drinking coffee on your way to work and right when you sit down at your desk is soothing, but if you were to pick a time of day to drink it, we’d suggest at 2 p.m. Why? According to UK’s National Health Service, energy levels are actually lowest around 2:16 p.m., to be exact. And, when taking into consideration that coffee takes about 15 to 30 minutes to be “effective,” 2 p.m. is a good window to intake your hot cup o’ Joe right in time to scare off the afternoon slump at 2:16 p.m. Pro tip: If you want to supersize your energy rejuvenation, couple your supercharge by taking a 15 minute snooze followed by a cup of coffee. By the time you’re awake and ready to work again, the drug should be kicking in, making the rest of your day at work a breeze.

#6 Coffee can make stressful situations more stressful…

Unfortunately, because coffee increases blood pressure and blood flow, it has the potential to increase stress during high-stress situations. When your blood pressure rises, it also spikes the levels of adrenaline in the body; both of these are associated with higher levels of stress. Additionally, if you think that the stress will lessen once you leave work, you’re wrong. The effect won’t diminish once you leave the office for the day. So, if you know you’ll likely be involved in a high-stress situation during a certain day, we’d recommend laying off the coffee before the situation occurs.

#7 A coffee break is a 20th-century brainchild.

Did you know that after World War II, unions around the world made taking a coffee break part of their contracts? Several towns in the United States claim to be the first to offer their workers this pause during each workday to refuel on their favorite roast of coffee.

#8 Coffee might be a lifesaver, literally… at least for older employees.

Did you know that people in their 50s and 60s who drink coffee three times per day have a 10 percent lower chance of death from age compared to individuals who don’t drink coffee at all? This study was completed by the US National Institutes of Health; I guess you could say that drinking coffee lowers your risk of death. And, the plus side? You can drink decaf. Researchers stated that the caffeine found in coffee didn’t change the life-extending aura.

#9 Baristas drink more coffee than anyone.

Well, this one was obvious; wasn’t it? In close second? You guessed it: Sales representatives, scientists, service/food preparation workers, marketing/PR professionals, nurses, and writers/editors/media workers. The list goes on and on, but baristas take home the coffee cake!

Coffee, what a wonderful beverage.

Coffee is wonderful; isn’t it? Without coffee, many of us would drag on about our days feeling like they’re never ending. Luckily for you, when you shop at Flavorbean Coffee Co., you’ll enjoy natural coffee at a price that’s unbeatable. Shop online and peruse through our incredible selection of natural coffee. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us online!

* Warning: This blog was written while consuming 20 ounces of dark, natural coffee.