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Many of us are aware of the existence of fair trade products, but what does fair trade really mean? How does Fair Trade benefit the greater world that we live in? Read about the history of Fair Trade and how it impacts the growers of our coffee today!

Before Fair Trade

Before the fair trade was established, the International Coffee Organization regulated the price of coffee according to the International Coffee Agreement of 1962: This agreement provided that there was no excess supply, and therefore a drop in price, by limiting the amount of coffee traded between nations. This group continued to influence the price of coffee,exportation, and importation of the product.

Formation of Fair Trade

In 1988, the supply of coffee was greater than the demand, causing a pricing crisis. Because earlier agreements of the ICO had been withdrawn in 1983, and there was greater supply, growers would potentially suffer. The group originally named Max Havelaar, artificially set the prices of coffee and so that the wages of the growers would remain constant.

After up and downs of the market, many countries formed their own version of fair trade, eventually leading to the formation of Fair Trade international also known as FLO; in years to come, they would aim to promote coffee consumption and therefore stabilize the coffee economy.

Fair Trade Today

Fair Trade has great influence over the economy, but Fair Trade has made a large difference in the lives of those who give us our coffee product: The growers and their employees. The growers feel that they have a more powerful voice and a greater sense of control over their lives.

The Fair Trade movement has helped give them better housing, infrastructure, education, and medical services in their communities. Fair Trade has also helped farmers improve growing practices thus improving the quality and quantity of their crops. For those who wish to be known as Fair Trade must meet the criteria set by, and must pay a small fee for use of the Fair Trade logo.

We Are Fair Trade

We at Flavorbean are dedicated to high-quality organic Fair Trade Coffee and Fair Trade practices. We believe that everyone benefits from Fair Trade practices; both you the consumer and the grower. Shop our full inventory of Fair Trade coffees today!