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Gone are the days of simply taking your coffee black, or with sugar and cream. With the rise in the popularity of coffee shops, pod-coffee machines, and the general public becoming more educated in their coffee consumption, there are more than just a few ways to drink your coffee.


Depending on the quality of your coffee, it may be too good to drink with anything in it. If you do drink your coffee with a little cream or sugar, and want to mix it up, here’s some suggestions. Instead of adding white sugar, try one of these natural alternatives: maple syrup, agave, honey, coconut sugar, raw and brown sugar, and stevia. Each adds a unique flavor to your classic coffee! Even better, for a twist on your normal cup of joe, buy one of our natural coffees with naturally infused flavors!


Lattes have become a staple of many people’s everyday diet. The basic latte is espresso, topped with steamed milk, and sometimes whipped cream. Add a little sweetness with one of the sweeteners mentioned above or some spice with some cinnamon!


A Cappuccino is an espresso topped with milk foam; some cappuccinos are dry (they have no milk other than the foam), and others will have some liquid milk in between the foam and espresso layers. A cappuccino is a perfect pairing to any dessert!

Poor Man’s Mocha

When a coffee shop is miles away, but you have coffee, milk or cream, and hot chocolate mix, you don’t have to fret! You can make a poor man’s mocha: just add all the above ingredients and enjoy a mocha!


There aren’t a lot of wrong ways to drink coffee, other than drinking bad coffee with unnatural sweeteners. Favorbean natural coffees are not only organic and Fair Trade, but they are high-quality and delicious. Shop our full line of naturally flavored coffees!