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This is Why You Should Buy Organic, Fair Trade Coffee

You have probably heard all about “organic” and “fair trade” commodities, but you may not really know what either of these terms mean. Why should you care whether or not your coffee is organic and fair trade?

What is Fair Trade?

When a product is labelled “fair trade,” it means that it's part of a system of buying and selling goods that supports local businesses and communities to ensure that they are paid a fair wage. Fair trade may also involve environmental protections over the land involved in production of the product, as well as an emphasis on sustainability.

What is Organic?

To be certified organic, a product must be 95 percent free of synthetic additives such as dyes, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers, and it must also not be processed with genetic engineering, irradiation, or industrial solvents. Most coffee that is fair trade is also organic, including Flavorbean coffee.

So why should you care? Here are just some of the reasons why you should consider buying fair trade, organic coffee.


Buying fair trade, organic coffee is supporting sustainable environmental practices, reducing the use of toxic pesticides and agrochemicals. Organic farmers also use practices that maintain the integrity of the environment, which means that the natural environment can thrive for years to come.


When you buy fair trade coffee, you can rest assured that everyone involved in the production of your coffee was paid a living wage. In order to be certified fair trade, coffee must meet a certain base price that is set by the International Fair Trade Labeling Organization. This ensures that the price of fair trade coffee is fair while still offering the workers who produced the beans a fair wage.

Support Communities

When you buy fair trade, you support an entire community. Organic coffee helps everyone involved production make a fair wage, including the many organizations and communities associated with it. The money you give for fair trade coffee directly benefits the community in which the coffee is produced, allowing the local customs and culture to be maintained, as there is no major corporation coming in to take over the operation. Additionally, fair trade producers often help with community development initiatives, often within education, housing, or women’s rights.

Healthier (and Tastier!)

Fair trade is also beneficial to your health, and simply tastes better than coffee filled with chemicals. As there is more demand for coffee, mass production leads to a lower quality coffee bean. Grown sustainably and without chemical pesticides, fair trade coffee beans keep all their nutrients and adding more robust flavor. The soil used to grow organic coffee beans is native to its natural environment, so the whole range of nutrients and flavors are accessible when you drink organic coffee. Additionally, during processing, fair trade coffee makers don’t use the harsh chemicals that non-organic coffee makers use.

Now that you know why it is worth it to buy organic, fair trade coffee, it’s time to browse our online store. If you are in search of organic, fair trade coffee, shop Flavorbean Coffee Company. Our natural coffee is the best way to enjoy coffee ethically. Shop our collection of coffee beans here today!