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Our Mission
The Flavorbean Coffee Company is the world’s first coffee company to pledge that its products will be manufactured without the use of chemical solvents.

A Revolutionary Method
The company's founder — a lifelong pioneer in the flavor industry — developed Flavorbean's chemical solvent-free methodology in response to our culture's overdependence on unhealthy chemicals and petroleum-based products. Instead of slathering beans with bitter-tasting, propylene glycol-based flavorings, Flavorbean has found a way to infuse coffee beans directly, with actual flavor ingredients. This ensures that you can enjoy a healthy, natural coffee without sacrificing the full-bodied flavor and smoothness you expect from the best.

Full-bodied Flavors
Flavorbean produces a full line of both artificially and naturally flavored coffees, many available as certified fair trade organic or decaf. We also offer a selection of ultra-premium traditional coffees from Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Colombia. For the flavor connoisseur, we regularly add to our collection of mouthwatering specialty coffees and holiday coffees, available all year round.

All Flavorbean coffees come in freshness-sealed, 12 oz. bags and can be shipped anywhere in the world. We also offer our products in 5 lb. bags, as well as by the case, for bulk shipments to premium specialty stores and coffeehouses. Gift certificates, specialty mugs, and aromatic Coffee gift sets are now available.

Finally — savor the pure, unadulterated flavors of toasted Hazelnut, creamy French Vanilla, and many more — without the chemical solvents found in all other flavored coffees. Flavorbean is a robust, natural coffee experience!