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Brewing Instructions

How To Brew The Perfect Cup of Flavorbean Coffee

As we all know, coffee preferences are a completely individual matter of taste. By following the guidelines and tips below we are sure that you will very soon be brewing the perfect cup for your taste. 

Firstly, when using coffee equipment for the first time, be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions.

If all the same equipment is to be used regularly, and for the same amounts of coffee, note the number and size of scoops of dry coffee as well as the level of water in your measuring container.

A good rule of thumb is to use a level tablespoon as a dry coffee measure per "cup" of water. The liquid measure is a different matter altogether. Although a typical American liquid "cup" is considered to be 8 ounces, many coffee pots consider a liquid "cup" to be 6 ounces. Once again, this varies upon the manufacturer.

Many coffee makers have indicators for the level of water required for a specific number of cups, but this rarely seems to correspond to the actual number of cups poured, no matter what size serving cup is being used. If in doubt about the ratio of coffee to water, it is far better when first brewing to use more coffee than may be required; if the brew is too strong, it can be diluted after brewing. Coffee made too weak, that is, with too little dry coffee, cannot be "undone". Remember that coffee grounds absorb some water, so the yield of liquid coffee will always be less than the amount of water used in the brew.

One must also consider the roast of the coffee.

Naturally, the darker the roast of the bean, the stronger the coffee will taste. Flavored coffees are typically prepared with a lighter roast coffee allowing a better balance between the natural coffee flavor and the additional flavor elements. If it should happen that the first coffee brewed turns out to be weaker or stronger than preferred – remember - all coffee is a matter of personal taste - make a note to adjust the coffee, the water, or perhaps the brewing time.

Brewing the perfect cup of coffee for your taste, will require some experimentation, but we are confident that when you find your individual formula, Flavorbean Coffee will be the coffee for you.